Kim Jong-un has a deity in the blood. His grandfather, Kim Il-sun, is the hero of the liberation of Korea from Japan, whose occupation lasted from 1910 to 1945. He came to power in 1948, with the support of the Soviet Union, after a civil war, and is considered the eternal president. The country was officially divided with the creation of the two Koreas, the North and the South, and since then, in the northern part, nationalism is the fuel of the socialist ideology Juche.
North Korea is probably the most closed country in the world. Going to North Korea is returning to the past: the plow predominates in rural areas, the bicycle is the main means of transportation, after 10 p.m. cities are dark and there is no internet for the people. There would be a list of items that refer to the past in their routine... This photographic project refers to a visit inside North Korea in 2014.
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